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ISDOC is an electronic invoicing format in the Czech Republic, which allows paperless exchanging of invoices and other documents, their quick processing and portability among companies, public administration authorities and individuals. The Format was defined by “A Working group for Electronic Standards of data exchanging” in ICT Union (formerly SPIS). The “Declaration on common approach in the area of electronic invoicing in the Czech Republic” was signed on 16th October 2008.

The Declaration represents commitment of individual producers of economical and ERP systems to build a common electronic invoicing format and to implement them into their own commercial packages in perspective of one year. The Declaration was signed by 14 important companies on the Czech market with representatives of the state, namely The Minister of Finance Mr. Miroslav Kalousek and the deputy of The Minister of Interior Mr. Zdeněk Zajíček. By the end of 2010, another 23 software houses had joined, which ISDOC had become the most widely used electronic invoicing format in Czech Republic, in the SME segment.

The ISDOC format is an integral part of the great majority of economical and ERP systems today, which is sold on the czech market. Consultations are currently underway on how to implement this technology in the Slovak Republic.


An electronic documentation is available here on www.isdoc.cz


Actual version of the ISDOCReader tool is available here.


Examples of single ISDOC document in 5.0 version with comments
Common storage of ISDOC samples in 5.2 version


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